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Our network boasts a unique advantage in accessing top-tier professionals from the data, cybersecurity, cloud, and artificial intelligence industries. Our team comprises experts who have honed their skills at leading Fortune 30 companies such as Google, JP Morgan Chase, and Microsoft.

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Expertise in enterprise-grade data analytics, cybersecurity, product development, sales, and performance marketing

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Seasoned technology experts with a range of perspectives, fostering innovation and creativity to solve any problem at scale

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Fully equipped to build the most custom and robust customer data experience on the global market

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Gather data from multiple sources, enabling a comprehensive understanding of customers, their behavior, preferences, and sentiments

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Our team is built on a foundation of exceptional expertise, diversity, and a commitment to excellence

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Built by Industry leaders in the technology, media, and finance industries

Leadership experts leverage tech to advance your brands image at scale through data-centric approach

Founder & Chief Executive Officer -
Nick Venezia
Previously: Twitter, Snapchat, & LinkedIn

Nick, earned his degree from Loyola Marymount University and was a CFA candidate. Nick began his career with NASAA. A mathematician at heart, social data architect at scale, and experienced digital marketer for consumer & social media companies globally. He previously helped build some of the original social data architecture at some of the world's largest social media brands.

Advisor -
Thierry Bazay
Previously: Google, Microsoft, & Exchangelab

Thierry, worked as consultant for Microsoft in the early years of his 20+ year career. Then went on to work for exchange lab as a vice-president. Elevating his skills and exhibiting true leadership granted him the position of head of product at Google for half a dozen years. Seeing Nicks vision led Thierry to immediately join as the CEO.

Senior Database Architect-
Thomas Dugger
Previously: Chase, Charles Schwab, & PetSmart

Thomas, came out of retirement after seeing Nicks work ethic and idea to help build Centillion's cloud-based solutions. Thomas, has worked in database architecture and data-focused solutions for almost four decades. He helped build some of the most secure and efficient platforms specifically tailored to global banking giants. Currently Thomas leading the way for Centillion's infrastructure and database architecture.

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